ABpark 2021 new attractions ABpark 2021 new attractions

ABpark 2021 new attractions


In 2021, the range of ABpark attractions has rapidly expanded with several new and significant attractions! Visit now and enjoy them every day from 10:00 to 19:00!

Despite the various challenges of 2021, ABpark has managed to attract funding from the Regional Investment Bank, which significantly accelerated the development of ABpark and the accessibility of attractions to visitors. With the continuation of successful cooperation, even more and more powerful attractions are expected in the future.

ERGO water world

Our visitors have long been waiting for the ABpark water park amusement area, and with the opening of the new part of the park, it is finally available in the huge ERGO water world format. Both large and small visitors can now relax in the water attractions every day. Jump, slip, overcome obstacles or just enjoy the refreshment. It should be noted that upon arrival, you must go to the attraction itself to register for a certain period of use. This year we managed to launch only the first stage of the planned attractions of ERGO water world. Some of the additional water attractions are already in the installation process, some are in storage for next year, but some are still in the planning stage.

Pendulum attraction

The most powerful addition, literally, is our Pendulum attraction. Much more fun than a regular swing. The smallest, starting from 120 cm in height, will be able to swing 180 degrees, but the largest - starting from 140 cm in height - at 360 degrees. The pendulum marks the entry of a whole new level of attractions into the ABpark offer. In the coming years, ABpark is planned to install several, more and more serious level attractions.

Caterpillar attraction

Seen from the side - a small but very dynamic attraction is our little Caterpillar. From the first day in the spring, when we opened it, it enjoys a great attention from visitors. It is also the first ABpark attraction that falls into the category of roller coaster, in which we have been planning a much bigger attraction for a long time.

Small chain carousel

The attraction is installed especially for ABpark small visitors. All you need is a 90cm height to enjoy the pleasure of rotating in one of the most classic attractions - a chain carousel.

With the opening of the new part of the park, ABpark has thoroughly grown in its area and now occupies 28 ha of territory, so when visiting the park it is worth planning for entertainment all day long!

Taking into account that the works on the improvement of the new territory are still going on, then most likely this year, we will be able to launch a couple more of new attractions!

ABpark, as before, maintains the current pricing policy - all attractions are included in the price of the park entrance ticket!