ABpark Most amazing summer day 11.08.24 ABpark Most amazing summer day 11.08.24

ABpark Most amazing summer day 11.08.24


Attention! ABpark Most amazing summer day - August 11, is fast approaching! Tickets can be purchased now!

In addition to daily attractions, musicians and many other artists will visit the park, as well as many different partners with additional activities!

Tickets are required from 2 years of age.

11.08.24, as usual, it is possible to get a discount with the Latvian 3+ family card - also by purchasing tickets in advance. Conditions for using the discount are available in the ticket section

No other discounts are offered on 11.08.24.

Day ticket 11.08.24 (10:00 - 20:00) - EUR 35 / person!

Purchasing a ticket in advance - EUR 30 / person!

ATTENTION:A gift card is NOT a ticket! If you have been given an ABpark gift card, remember to buy and pay for the entrance ticket with it at abpark.lv before going to the park!

ABpark season pass holders of year 2024 will be able to visit the park on this day without purchasing additional tickets!

More information about the guests you can meet with us on 11.08.24:


Snick Dance Company

Street Warriors

Illusionist Edžus

Jogitas pasākumi performance

Children's vocal studio Spāre

Program of guest performances (times can be adjusted in process):

Children's vocal studio Spāre - 14:30

>Illusionist Edžus - 15:00

Jogitas pasākumi performance - 15:30

Street Warriors - 17:00

Snick Dance Company - 17:25


Partners and friends of ABpark will come to the park, with various additional activities to entertain the big and small visitors throughout the day.

The hot kitchen, as well as snacks, sweets and drink shops will be open all day in the park.

ABpark working hours 11.08.24 - 10:00 - 20:00

We look forward to your visit!