Internal rules and regulations

Rules and Regulations of ABpark Spice Home

By purchasing a ticket to the ABpark Spice Home amusement centre, visitors confirm that they are familiar with the rules and regulations of the amusement centre, agree to them and undertake to comply with them.

Parents (guardians) shall be responsible for informing their children about the rules, ensuring that they are observed, as well as for the behaviour and supervision of children in the amusement centre.

Please assess responsibly your own and your child’s ability to use any of the attractions.

  1. Parents, their authorized person or guardians, who assume all responsibility for the safety of their children, shall be responsible for their child’s health, safety and presence at the amusement centre.
  2. Employees of the centre may refuse a visit for people with obvious health problems that may affect the health and safety of themselves and others or ask them to leave the centre.
  3. When leaving the child in the amusement centre alone, the responsible adult must indicate their telephone number on the child’s bracelet. The number must be reachable throughout the child’s stay at the amusement centre!
  4. Employees of the centre have the right to ask for a document proving the child’s age.
  5. The responsible adult shall be responsible for the safety of the child or group of children brought to the centre;
  6. The responsible adult shall look after the child or group of children during the stay at the centre so that they do not damage the properties, attractions and decorations of the amusement centre;
  7. The responsible adult shall inform administrators about possible defects of attractions of the amusement centre;
  8. The responsible adult shall prevent possible aggressive behaviour of the child or group of children brought to the centre;
  9. During their visit to the amusement centre, visitors must wear shoe covers, socks or clean change shoes - slippers, sandals;
  10. The amusement centre shall not be responsible for potential accidents involving visitors, except if they are caused by defects of the centre’s equipment. All attractions of the amusement centre meet the safety standards established by the European Union;
  11. The amusement centre shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen possessions. The lost or forgotten items found in the centre are stored for 4 weeks from the moment of finding thereof, then donated to charity;
  12. The child’s legal representatives shall be materially liable in accordance with laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia regarding the damage to the equipment of the amusement centre.
  13. Visitors must follow the instructions of employees of ABpark Spice Home.
  14. Purchased ticket/bracelet can only be used for entry once.
  15. Food and drink can only be used in the celebration rooms during an event. It is forbidden to use food and drink in the rest of the centre’s rooms.
  16. Food (for example, gingerbread) that contain allergens may sometimes be used in creative workshops of the amusement centre. If your child has allergies, please ask the centre’s employees about the current offer of creative workshops.
  17. At the amusement centre, the following is forbidden:
  • using alcohol and being under the influence of alcohol. Administrators have the right to call security guards or municipal police if this prohibition is not complied with;
  • to bring food and eat it at the premises without the consent of the administration;
  • to enter the centre with animals;
  • to bring in a stroller or to enter with / use any other mobility equipment;
  • to disturb other visitors;
  • to bring glass objects, cold weapons and/or firearms, drugs, incl. syringes, items that may endanger the safety of others;

Enjoy your visit!