Internal rules and regulations

          By purchasing a ticket to Avārijas Brigāde (ABpark) amusement park, visitors confirm that they are familiar with the ABpark rules and regulations, agree to them and undertake to comply with them.

          Parents (guardians) shall be responsible for informing their children about the rules, ensuring that they are observed, as well as for the behaviour and supervision of children in the territory of the park, being close to the child during the use of the attractions.

          Please responsibly assess your own and your child's ability before participating in any at the attraction. In case of feeling unwell or in case of other unforeseen circumstances, please contact the service staff.


  • These rules ensure the successful operation of ABpark territory and order;
  • The visitors shall have the duty to comply with the rules and regulations of the amusement park;
  • The visitors must treat the personnel of the amusement park and other visitors, as well as the equipment of the amusement park with respect;
  • Visitors must follow the instructions of ABpark employees;
  • Visitors must follow the queue in the Abpark amusement areas;
  • The ABpark territory is available to visitors during the specified ABpark working hours;
  • The visitors may leave their cars at the car parking lot of ABpark free of charge.
    1. When using discounted tickets, the document that confirms the right of the person to use the respective discount must be demonstrated at the entrance to the park.
    2. Group ticket is valid only for previously registered groups sized 15 persons and above
    3. Children under the age of 14 are allowed in the park only in the presence of parents or guardians;
    4. The entrance to the park is possible, if a valid ABpark ticket is provided;
    5. ABpark shall not assume any liability for lost tickets and/or bracelets. The tickets shall not be replaced and/or copies of tickets shall not be issued;
    6. Weather conditions shall not entitle a visitor to the receipt of repayment for the purchased tickets;
    7. The territory of the park is an area of public event and photos may be taken at the territory with the purpose of using these photos for publicity needs;
    8. The following shall be prohibited at the territory of the park:
  • smoking;
  • using a skateboard, roller skates, a bicycle and/or other mechanical devices for mobility purposes;
  • entering the park with pets;
  • carrying alcoholic beverages that have been bought outside ABpark into the territory of the park;
  • bring glassware, cold weapons and / or firearms, narcotics, incl. syringes and other sharp objects that may endanger the safety of other persons;
  • disturbing other visitors;
  • unreasonably interfere with, or distract from, the staff of ABpark during the performance of their direct duties;
  • film and photograph ABpark employees;
  • making fires or using devices with open or covered fire;
  • damaging the equipment and buildings of ABpark. It is strictly prohibited to carry any property of the park outside the territory of the park, as well as to move equipment within the territory;
  • being under strong intoxication of intoxicating substances;
  • swimming in the water bodies in the territory of ABpark;
    1.           ABpark shall be entitled to determine at its own discretion and to change without prior warning:
  • additional price relief or discounts for customers belonging to certain population groups;
  • ticket prices;
  • range of services offered at the park.
    1. Personnel of ABpark shall be entitled:
  • to give notifications and warnings to a customer (customers) regarding their behaviour and/or action that violate the current rules and regulations of ABpark, or in the event, where a customer otherwise disturbs other visitors. Customers must follow the instructions of ABpark employees;
  • to inspect suspicious objects and to prohibit to carry such objects into the territory of Abpark;
  • to expel persons that violate rules and regulations of ABpark, disturb public order, are visibly intoxicated or disturb other visitors of ABpark from the park without repaying the money paid for the ticket/tickets. In the event of a severe violation, to call the security and detain the violator until the moment, when police arrives;
  • not to sell tickets to people, who are visibly intoxicated by alcohol and/or disrupt public order;
  • not to sell a ticket to a person who does not observe personal hygiene or general epidemiological safety rules;
  • not to sell a ticket to a person if the person violates the general rules of ABpark, as well as in cases where the person is caught in an attempt to defraud;
  • to refuse to provide service to a customer, who is under the influence of intoxicating substances. In these cases, the money for the reserved and paid up services shall not be returned;
  • The violators, who fail to comply with the provisions of the rules and regulations, damage equipment, are involved in disturbing behaviour and other violations, may be expelled from the territory of ABpark or administratively punished in accordance with the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia;
    1. The tickets for the visit to ABpark can be purchased:
  • at the box offices of ABpark by cash (EUR only) or by a payment card. Due to safety reasons, ABpark may refuse to accept EUR 100 or higher denomination banknotes.
  • On-line, by visiting abpark.lvwebsite;
  • All information concerning personal data that is required for the purchase of an e-ticket, shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of Personal Data Processing Law and it will be used solely for the purposes of e-ticket purchase. Payment card data that have been used for transactions performed by you are not available and visible to ABpark. You will be forwarded to a secure purchasing environment to process your transaction
    1. The use of attractions located in the territory of ABpark is included in the price of the entrance ticket;
    2.           In the event of adverse weather conditions, some of the attractions of the park may be inaccessible for safety considerations;
    3. Waste may be disposed of only in specially designed waste containers;
    4. The goods left in the territory of the park shall be stored for 1 month, after the expiry of this period, they will be donated for charity;
    5. In case of technical equipment failures, please contact staff;
    6. Action in cases of emergency:
  • In any emergency situation, including in cases where medical assistance is required, follow the instructions of ABpark personnel;
  • Report the emergency situations, including in cases where medical assistance is required, and information what has happened to the nearest personnel of ABpark.

Please observe general norms of polite conduct and behaviour, respect the people around you, nature and environment.

The staff is not responsible for injuries and accidents that have not occurred in accordance with the instructions for use of the attraction or the instructions of the service staff.

Informative helpline while in the park - 27329054