ABpark most amazing day in August - 7.08.22 ABpark most amazing day in August - 7.08.22

ABpark most amazing day in August - 7.08.22


Attention! ABpark's most amazing day in August - August 7, is fast approaching! Tickets can be bought now, price is EUR 25!

In addition to everyday attractions, the park will be visited by musicians, dancers, illusionists and many other artists, as well as many different partners with additional activities!

Tickets are required from the age of 2. No other discounts are offered on 7.08.2022

Day tickets (10:00 - 19:00) - EUR 25/person

Tickets are available at the park ticket office and in the e-shop. BUY TICKET - EUR 25

ABpark season ticket holders will be able to visit the park on this day without purchasing additional tickets!

A little more about the guests you will be able to meet with us on 7.08:


Triānas parks

Jogitas pasākumu attractive show

Mārtiņa Burbuļi

Zvaigznāja kubs with special guests: Agnese Rakovska, Māra Upmane-Holšteine

Guest performance times (can be adjusted):

Mārtiņa Burbuļi - 13:40

Jogitas pasākumu attractive show - 15:40

Triānas parks - 16:00

Musiqq - 17:00

ABpark cooperation partners and friends will come to the park, with various additional activities to delight large and small visitors throughout the day.

There will be a hot kitchen in the park all day, as well as snacks, sweets and drinks shops.

ABpark working hours 7.08.22 - from 10:00 to 19:00

We look forward to seeing you!